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FAQ Regarding State of Texas Inspections

How often are elevators and related equipment required to be inspected?

The owner of the elevator or related equipment must obtain an inspection every 12 months and submit the inspection report, all required documents, and applicable fees to the Department in order to obtain a Certificate of Compliance.

Who is responsible for obtaining a Certificate of Compliance for an elevator or

related equipment?

The owner of the building is responsible for obtaining a Certificate of Compliance for each unit of equipment in the building. This certificate is good for one year and must be applied for annually.

How do I obtain a Certificate of Compliance?

For each piece of equipment, the building owner must submit the follow to the Department, not later than the 30th day after the date of inspection: Copy of the inspection report that is completely filled out and signed, which certifies that all violations cited by the inspector (if any) have been corrected or are under contract to be corrected; and All required fees.

How do I respond to violations received on my inspection report?

The Building’s owner is responsible for having cited violations corrected, or under contract to be corrected, within 30 days of the date of inspection, or must obtain a Waiver or Delay from the Department.

Who is responsible for selecting an inspector to perform the required annual


The building owner or the owner's agent is responsible for selecting an inspector.

My elevator contractor told me that they will select the inspector and that the

owner must not choose the inspector. Is that correct?

No. The owner has the sole right to select the inspector who enters upon the property. An owner may delegate that power to the elevator contractor but may withdraw that power at any time. The owner has the sole power to determine who enters into their building, including which inspector and elevator contractor. Unauthorized entry onto property may be considered trespassing.

If the power to select the elevator inspector is delegated to an elevator

contractor and the inspection is performed late, not at all or in a negligent

manner, is the owner still responsible?

Yes. An owner may not lawfully delegate the responsibility for safely maintaining the building and equipment or for compliance with the applicable statute(s) to another party.

As a building owner, what are my responsibilities for the elevators, escalators

and/or related equipment in my building?

The building owner's responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 1. having the equipment inspected annually by a registered elevator inspector; 2. obtaining an inspection report from the inspector indicating that all equipment in the building has been inspected; 3. filing with the department each inspection report and all applicable fees by the required deadlines; 4. displaying the Certificate of Compliance for each piece of equipment in a publicly visible area of the building, as defined by the Program's rules; and, 5. maintaining the equipment in compliance with the standards and codes adopted by the Commission, by rule.